The Israeli soldier who lost more than his eye in Gaza

by Leah Rosenberg

What happens to an Israeli soldier who goes to war and comes back wounded? Does his/her life continue as it was before? For very few, it does. For most, life will never be the same.


Elad is a young man, but is already a veteran of a war in Gaza. He is typical of so many other young Israeli soldiers. He trained for months and was fully prepared to give his life for the State of Israel. However, he never expects to be wounded or hurt. In a well-trained Army, soldiers train to deal with wounded in battle, but they enter battle with an uplifted spirit in order to win battles. They train themselves to overcome fear and fight like lions.

Aftermath of Battle

Israel has sustained tens of thousands of wounded veterans from wars, battles, and terror attacks.  But what is life truly like for these wounded veterans?

JerusalemU has done an excellent job with this clip.  It brings the human side of wounded veterans out in a simple – straight to the heart – fashion.  Elad is fortunate to be alive.  He is even more fortunate that he will basically live a regular life.  But his physical presence is not 100% complete and never will be.

This is a testament to the triumph of spirit over the challenges and brutal realities of war.  Israel  has way too much experience with this.  But that is the cost of being a normal country in one’s own land.  Especially when one’s neighbors spend day and night on ways to terrorize your homeland.

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