What Hamas terror looks like in E minor

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas terror is growing, and anyone who denies that is supporting these terrorists. They not only terrorize Israel, but they torture their own people, too.

Hamas Terror Against Israel

Hamas’s charter calls for the destruction of Israel. In the most recent conflict, Hamas has been burning Israel – literally. They have sent fire kites over, destroying thousands upon thousands of acres of land. Not only that, but they have practiced their terror and instilled fear upon Israeli children as well. How much longer can this go on for? It seems the more Hamas terror there is, the more the world condemns Israel. For what? It seems too ridiculous to be true. You hear international outrage about the Gaza border – but sadly, not about these fire kites. Not about the attempted infiltrations by Hamas terrorists. You hear international outrage regarding Israel defending itself against these violent, NOT peaceful, protestors.

Hamas Tortures its Own People

Aside from Hamas terrorizing Israel, they also terrorize their own people! And again, no international outrage. They place their own people at the front lines to act as human shields. Hamas does not value life. They glorify death. Hamas brainwashes their children to hate, kill, and destroy life. Why won’t the UN discuss THIS in emergency meetings? Why do they always discuss Israel’s right to defend itself? The way Hamas treats its people should draw the world’s attention.

Israel doesn’t place its children and citizens at the front line to be murdered by the enemy. Israel defends its people! And Israel also doesn’t teach hatred and death. They promote peace, love, and life. And THAT is what the world cries out about? How low has the world sunk? They have reached rock bottom, the lowest possible level.

When will the international world condemn THIS – Hamas terror? We are still waiting.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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