Israel announces largest defense plan in IDF history

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is investing in the largest defense plan ever – an 8 billion dollar missile defense plan! Because in Israel, national security is the top priority.  We simply have no choice.

Israel’s Missile Defense Plan

Israel plans to revamp its missile defense system. It’s troubling that the Jewish state even needs to put so much time and energy into it, but that’s the reality. Israel anticipates future threats and wants to prepare itself for whatever its enemies throw its way – even if it means spending billions and billions of dollars. Potential future missiles that terrorists would launch at Israel would be more advanced than the current rockets from Gaza. Whereas the rockets from Gaza can be intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome, future threats would need a more advanced missile defense system.

Aside from protecting the country more effectively, this new system would create hundreds of jobs.

Israel’s Security

Israel is known for its top quality security. The country invests a lot into making sure its citizens are safe and can live life normally. The world usually condemns Israel for the security measures it takes to defend its people. But any other country in Israel’s situation would do the same thing to ensure the safety of its civilians. How can the United Nations, world leaders, college campuses, and news outlets all blame Israel for defending itself? In a world where people can find information so readily, why is the world still denying the facts? Israel wants peace and is constantly being attacked by terrorists. Even just visiting Israel and seeing what the country is all about and the threats that the nation faces can be so eye-opening.

But regardless of the world’s criticism, Israel will continue to do what it does best: defend its people.


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