Nikki Haley’s perfect interview about the UN

by Avi Abelow

Nikki Haley is a powerhouse of a woman making a difference for Israel, and for humankind, at the United Nations. In a place run by tyrants, dictators, and human rights abusers, this is no small feat, but she is “turning the battleship around.” The place has not changed yet, but she has started the process. It is long and hard, but Nikki Haley is putting her foot down in a way that no American administration ever has, and she is making waves.

The Focus on Israel

The United Nations is focused on Israel. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. A country with freedom and equality for all. While Iran supports terror, hangs gays, jails dissidents etc. Syria massacred half a million of her own citizens. Countless other tragedies take place around the world. Yet, the United Nations always focuses on Israel and ignores the other atrocities. This is a tragedy of epic proportions, with the international organs of “justice” turning a blind to true atrocities and human rights victims around the world. Nikki Haley wants to change this as quickly as she can.

Just a few weeks ago the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), under the leadership of the world’s worst dictators, scapegoated the Jewish state. Hillel Neuer of UN Watch called out the hypocrisy with their total silence about the atrocities in Syria. The Syrian representative was not happy.

On July 2nd, that same body met to discuss permanent agenda item #7, dedicated to focusing on Israel. No other country in the world is a permanent agenda item at this council, just Israel. UN Watch calls this day “Hate Israel Day.”  No other country in the world—not Syria, not Sudan, not North Korea—is singled out and targeted in this manner.

Example #1

The number of days that Saudi blogger Raif Badawi is locked up in jail: 2,209
The number of UNHRC inquiries on Saudi rights abuses: 0
Number of UNHRC sessions on Saudi rights abuses: 0
Number of UNHRC resolutions on Saudi rights abuses: 0

Example #2

Did you know that the Syrian regime of Assad, charged with using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians, has chaired the UN-backed Conference on #Disarmament?

“As Hillel Neuer, the executive director of U.N. Watch, points out to us, #Syria’s elevation to the presidency of the Conference on Disarmament generated praise from Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and North Korea—a dark panoply of the world’s most aggressive supporters of terrorism.”

June 14th speech at UN by Nikki Haley says it all

“The nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day. It is totally one-sided. It makes not one mention of Hamas, who routinely initiates violence in Gaza. Such one-sided resolutions at the UN do nothing to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Everyone recognizes that. But advancing peace is not the goal of this resolution.

I suspect even my Turkish friends know the passage of this resolution won’t change anything, but that it looks good for the people back home to think they’re doing something. That is pure politics. In fact, this resolution makes peace less possible.

It feeds a narrative to the desperate people of Gaza that their leaders are not responsible for their predicament. Additionally, it stokes hatred. It sacrifices honesty, accuracy, compromise, and reconciliation in favor of the advancement of a narrow political agenda.

Who’s in charge in Gaza?

Israel withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005. Hamas has been the de facto government in Gaza since 2007. This strip of land along the Mediterranean coast has enormous potential. And yet, after 11 years of Hamas rule, Gaza has electricity for only a few hours a day. It has enormous unemployment and poverty. It is a haven for terrorist activity. At what point will the UN actually hold accountable those who are in charge of Gaza and running it into the ground?

Instead, this resolution holds Hamas completely unaccountable for most of the recent unrest. It blames everything on Israel. But the facts tell a different story.

What is Hamas Really About?

It is Hamas and its allies that have fired over a hundred rockets into Israel in the past month.  The Hamas hopes to cause death to as many civilians and as much destruction as possible.

It is Hamas that has used Palestinian civilians as human shields at the boundary fence.  Their goal is to incite violence and overrun the border. It is Hamas that refuses to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority to unite in the pursuit of peace.

It is Hamas that calls for the destruction of the state of Israel within any borders.

And yet the resolution before us not only fails to blame Hamas for these actions – it fails to even mention Hamas. This is the dangerous, counter-productive decision the General Assembly is about to take.”

Motivation for Terror
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