The irony of being pro-“Palestinian” uncovered

by Phil Schneider

Who is truly responsible for the plight of the “Palestinian Arabs”? This Arab claims that the real problem here is the truth. The irony of this screams out. The amount of money that gets funneled into the Palestinian Authority and then goes into the hands of the families of terrorists is enormous. Millions of dollars every year.

The problem is that the world accepts a genocidal and corrupt “palestinian Arab” society led by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Terrorism is accepted and taught. That is the main problem. The Palestinian Authority supports the terrorists. So, if one supports the PA, they are not just enabling terrorists. They directly support them.

Stop Blaming Others gets it. They understand that the younger generation is what matters the most in the field of world opinion. We need to get the ideas of collective responsibility for ourselves out to the masses. The masses on the streets of Israel and across the world. This business of blaming others and beg the world for handouts is such an old game. It does not belong in the modern age.

More importantly, it is all based on a false narrative. The blame game gets nobody good anywhere. It just brings millions of dollars of incentive money to the pockets of families of terrorists. Then people wonder why so many people are proud of their children who become martyrs.

The religion of the terrorists encourages martyrdom. The schools encourage it. Lastly, the political leadership throws major financial incentives their way. So, why should we be surprised when waves of suicide bombings occur on the streets of Israel? Young impressionable people need to be targeted with ideas that say clearly that they have been sold a sham. This young leader is 100% right!

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