Austrian official gets it right about immigration

by Phil Schneider

Immigration is a hot topic today. Some think it is THE hot topic today. They are right. There are very few things that have changed the patterns of the world today more than unbridled immigration.

Is all immigration truly bad? Is it moral to stop immigration in it’s tracks? What about the poor refugees who are trying to escape war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq?

Checking Immigation is Legal and Smart

In the 1930’s, there was a big concern in the United States that new immigrants would worsen the unemployment problems and bring the already lagging economy down even more. There was also a significant chunk of racism that contributed to a general attitude of isolationism. So, the United States stuck with a quota system that severely limited immigration. This was wise and unwise. It both protected America from infiltration from Soviet spies, but also kept out alot of people that would eventually boost the US economy.

However, there was another moral dimension that was very wrong. Jews and some other people in Europe were in mortal danger. The decision to not open up the United States to nearly any immigrants was one of the many things that sealed the fate of millions of Jews. There truly was no other place to go to. The sad fate of the St. Louis ship that could not find a country to take the Jewish people was the best proof of this.

A Different World

Today, there are indeed other options for refugees from Africa, Syria, and Iraq. The hundreds of thousands of people who would like to flee the civil wars in their country do have places to go. There are other Arab countries that will take them in. But the bigger issue is the issue of assimilation. The Jewish refugees in the 1930’s had no intention to hold onto the Polish, German and Russian norms of their past. They were looking towards a new future. They were not looking for handouts. The Jewish refugees looked for a house over their head and the freedom to work and not be killed due to their race.

Today, many of the refugees are looking for handouts. More importantly, they do not want to change their lifestyles. They want to transplant and replace the local lifestyles with their own. It must be said – Most of the immigrants want to take over the local country’s norms with their religious norms from the Middle East or Africa. Free unbridled immigration needs to stop. The stakes are too high.

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