The International Criminal Court once again shows it’s a corrupt organization

by Phil Schneider

The international organizations that define what is moral and legal internationally are a subject of great dispute. The most common organization is the United Nations. It is the representative body of the nations of the world. The idea that all of the nations of the world should get together and work things out together is excellent. The problem is that the United Nations rarely does that. Instead, dictatorships use the UN as a place to bully the rest of the world. Dictatorships generally speaking just use the organization to pressure democracies and in order to make believe that they have the moral high ground.

Is there a place for a United Nations organization?

The UN is actually an excellent idea. But it should be managed in a completely different fashion. Yes, there should be representatives from all of the countries of the world. However, the representatives should not deal with political issues. They should deal with moral issues. The main people who should be talking in the United Nations should not be political operatives. They should be scientists and other respected people of high moral regard. The typical person in the UN should be someone who’s reputation is such that they can offer moral clarity that would bring the world to a situation where the UN was the moral arbiter of the world.

Today, the UN and the International Criminal Court are the exact opposite. Nearly nobody believes that the UN truly represents the truth. Instead, it has become a bully pulpit for representation of dictatorships. The goal should not merely be world peace, but also to feed the world and make sure that the weak and meek are supported somehow through the international organization. We need a reformed UN. But let’s not make the mistake of thinking that it would be better if there were no UN at all.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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