Israel has a reason to celebrate the last decade

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has a reason to celebrate. Actually, Israel has many reasons to celebrate! But here is one amazing thing about the Jewish state.

Israel Has a Reason to Celebrate

Immigrants. Jews coming home. That is why Israel has a reason to celebrate. A BIG reason. Yes, the advancement is technology is commendable. And yes, medical breakthroughs are unbelievable. But the fact that after thousands of years Jews are returning home is miraculous. The fact that after thousands of years Jews have maintained their connection to their homeland is remarkable. And over the last decade, 255,000 Jews have returned home. The last year, 2019, has seen the largest number of Olim, or immigrants, since the beginning of the decade. 34,000! Wouldn’t you celebrate if your entire family was coming home for good?

Home Sweet Home

What is even more amazing is that Jews come home from all over the world. They are not all from one country. Jews are diverse. Immigrants are diverse. They all come with their own background and customs. It is truly amazing to see how a family can be so unique. And the Jewish people are all one family.

Yes, there are challenges when it comes to living in Israel. Picking up and moving your entire life and family is not easy. A new language, a new culture, new people. No, it is not easy. But it is definitely worth it.

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