The incredible story of an injured IDF soldier and his family

by Leah Rosenberg

Have you ever seen such perseverance? Netanel Felber is an IDF soldier who was critically injured by a terrorist in December 2018. This is his story.

Faith of IDF Soldier and His Family

This is the story of critically injured IDF soldier Netanel Felber and his family. After the tragic terrorist attack where a Palestinian Arab shot him and shot and killed two of his fellow soldiers, Netanel’s life hung in the balance. He was shot in the head. No one knew if he would survive. It is all so heartbreaking. Netanel is a young man who was only 21 at the time of the attack. 21 year olds are supposed to just be beginning their lives. They have everything to look forward to. But Palestinian Arab terrorists change that positive future for so many.

Yet, Netanel’s family kept their faith. Jews all over the world have prayed for him and continue to pray for him. Thank God, he has shown improvement. Things they never thought Netanel would do again, he is beginning to do.

Is This What Peace is?

Is this was people do when they want to create peace? Clearly, these Palestinian Arabs who go around shooting, injuring, and murdering innocent people want nothing to do with peace. When you look at the young face of Netanel, how can you think that he deserves to be shot? Israeli soldiers just want to defend their people. When you see children hiding in bomb shelters over night because Hamas sends rockets into their homes, do they deserve to live in fear? And what about an innocent 19 year old girl who is full of life – did she deserve to be raped and murdered by a vicious Palestinian Arab terrorist? When people side with the terrorists, they are nothing but evil themselves.

Wake up to what is really happening. It is clear that one side is right, and one side is wrong.

Motivation for Terror
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