The IDF cameramen who are saving Israel, one shot at a time

by Chaya Cikk

The IDF, Israel Defense Forces, protectors of Israeli citizens have a hard job. They are saving Israel, not only from its enemies but from bad media representation. By using these cameras the truth will come out.

Media Biased

When reading many of the Worlds famous newspapers, whether from a paper or online many of the articles are not in favor of Israel. Many write how Israel is doing something wrong. How the Palestinian Arabs are considered second class citizens or how Israel is stopping aid going into Gaza. These kinds of articles set a bad impression for Israel, especially for a person who has never been there or does not know much about it.

However, there are people who are trying to get the truth out about Israel. The good it does for the world, the aid it sends to other countries when in need. Helping to get the truth out there would be showing what really happens, a day in the life of an Israeli Soldier. These cameras will help tell the story of the soldiers and the truth will prevail.

IDF Soldiers

Soldiers, whether in the Israeli Army or any other army do not have it easy. Being a soldier is no easy task. There are long days, days where you don’t see you family at all. Not the best cooked food, nor the best nights sleep. Yet, these soldiers are out there protecting the citizens of Israel. They are putting their life on the line so we can live ours.

Israeli Soldiers have one more weight on their shoulders and that’s the articles that are written in the media about how terrible the soldiers treat the Palestinian Arabs. But now, with these cameras, it is hoping these articles that are being written will change. The Combat Cameramen and Camerawomen will be able to get the truth out there. The side of the Israeli soldiers that the mainstream media will not tell you. Wearing these cameras is another way of saving Israel from its enemies.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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