Mother of Palestinian Arab terrorist shares her disturbing beliefs

by Leah Rosenberg

Listen to the mother of Palestinian Arab terrorist Omar Abu Laila. These are the people that the world expects Israel to create a harmonious future with?

Mother of Palestinian Arab Killer

Ladies and gentleman, meet the mother of Palestinian Arab terrorist Omar Abi Laila. Take a look at the culture that is rampant in the Palestinian Arab society. This is sickening! Ghadir Abu Laila, Omar’s mother, is proud of her son who stabbed and murdered an innocent Israeli soldier named Gal Keidan. This 19 year old terrorist then fatally shot Rabbi Achiad Ettinger, a father of 12. Just 19 years old and he already became a terrorist. AND his mother is pleased by what he did.

Home Demolition

Often times, the Israeli government demolishes the homes of terrorists. But is that enough? No. The Palestinian Authority gives the money to rebuild the homes anyway. And on top of that, as you can hear this terrorist’s mother saying, “I’ll make sounds of joy during the demolition, like I made sounds of joy when the child died as a martyr.”


How can anyone with common sense blame Israel for the lack of peace? This is the culture of the Palestinian Arab society, not the Israeli society. This is how the Palestinian Arabs educate their children, not how Israelis educate their children.

There cannot be peace if this is what mothers of terrorists are saying. Anyone who is happy about their son leaving 12 children without a father and parents and siblings without their son and brother is not a peace partner. And if the world is too blind to see that, Israel will still defend itself against those who try to destroy it.

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