U.S. Rep. blasts Rashida Tlaib for her despicable Holocaust comments

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s been all over the media – Rashida Tlaib’s Holocaust comments. As a representative of America, Israel’s strongest ally, what was she thinking?

Despicable Holocaust Comments

Rashida Tlaib has been making news headlines recently. Comment after comment. Antisemitic remark after antisemitic remark. She does not seem to learn, and she does not seem to care. Tlaib does not apologize, she just defends herself.

And once again, she proved herself to be an antisemite. Rashida Tlaib made Holocaust comments that were just horrendous. Firstly, she said she gets a “calming” feeling when she thinks about the Holocaust. The worlds “calming” and “Holocaust” should NEVER be in the same sentence like that. And on top of all of that, she lied and tried to rewrite history. Tlaib claimed her ancestors helped the Jewish people. What? If by “help” she means that they helped Hitler try to destroy the entire Jewish people, then yes, that is what they did. But her Palestinian Arab ancestors in no way created a “safe haven” for the Jewish people. Tlaib is just trying to distort history and the truth, and sadly, some of the world is falling for it.

Calling Out the Antisemitism

It just keeps getting worse and worse, and it must be stopped. Democratic members must call her out for what she has said and done. Tlaib cannot continue to represent America in this way. Silence can be destructive. And when people are silent about Rashida Tlaib’s antisemitism (as well as the antisemitism of other members of Congress), then the future of America is in grave danger.

Don’t be silent.

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