IDF demolishes home of hero Ari Fuld’s killer

by Leah Rosenberg

Ari Fuld was a true Israeli hero. He was murdered while at the supermarket on September 16, 2018. The IDF has now finally destroyed his murderer’s home.

A Real Israeli Hero

Ari Fuld was murdered by a teenager – a Muslim Arab terrorist who destroyed the life of a father, husband, friend, brother and son. He destroyed the life of an Israeli hero. Ari’s passion for the land of Israel and the Jewish people was so great that he dedicated his entire life to them. And he did it all with respect to each and every person – to those who disagreed with him as well. Even after he was stabbed while outside the supermarket, he still managed the get a few shots at the terrorist so that the terrorist would not harm any more people. Can you imagine that? Even in his last moments, he dedicated himself to helping others. The Jewish people have been left without an important part of their nation.

IDF Demolishes Home of Ari’s Killer

What justice can be done when a terrorist murders an innocent person? The IDF has demolished the killer’s home. But there has been too much tragedy. Too many attacks, murders, lives lost at such young ages. If these people who call themselves “palestinians” really wanted peace, they wouldn’t murder innocent people like Ari Fuld. Murdering people like Ari Fuld is not standing up to “oppression” or helping any “palestinian” person. It just reveals the true goals of these terrorists – to murder all Jewish people.

House Demolition is Not Enough

Destroying a house as a deterrence is not enough. The Palestinian Authority funds the rebuilding of every home that is destroyed.

The death penalty, if ever enforced, would not be a deterrence either. The terrorists go out to perform the terror acts with the knowledge that they might be killed. They become martyrs, with schools or city squares named after them! Their families receive monetary rewards for their terror acts. Life is not important to to the terrorists, hence the death penalty won’t be a deterrence.

However, a true deterrence is to expel the family of the terrorist from their home. These terrorists live in a clan society where living with their clan is the most valuable thing to them. The only way for this Arab society to deter their sons/daughters/fathers/mothers from going out to murder innocent Jews is to expel them from their homes so they know that the whole family will lose their home and connection to the clan. That is the one true deterrence.

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