Canadian PM shocked everyone with his response about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Many Israel-haters thought the Canadian PM would retract his statements about the BDS movement. He did not. He may be a soft liberal on immigration, but he is not so wrong-headed as to believe that the BDS movement is a good thing. Trudeau understands that anti-semitism is well and alive today, and it’s new form is via the BDS movement.

The BDS movement is anti-semitic

What does Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau have to say about the BDS movement? Does he think the BDS movement is an anti-semitic movement? Well, he gives a nuanced answer. First off, he explains that anti-semitism exists and is well and alive today. He also explains that the new anti-semitism of today centers around deligitimization of Israel. He has no problem with criticism of Israel. But he does say that the BDS movement demonizes the entire Israel. And yes, he condemns the BDS movement. This is clearly not a popular opinion where he spoke his opinion. He received a lukewarm reception.

Liberal, yet Pro-Israel

There is a debate today in the Democratic Party of the United States between different kinds of Democrats. The old-time liberal Democrats understand that the United States and Israel are important allies. They understand that Israel is a force of good and open-mindedness in the Middle East. But there is a newer, more progressive wing in the Democratic party that is very illiberal. They believe that Israel is the aggressor and the Arabs are the victims. They believe that the most important thing is feelings and not what is right and wrong. These people are danerous. Prime Minister Trudeau, at least via this statement, seems to place himself in the 1st category. Let’s hope he sticks with this attitude. One can be liberal and Pro-Israel. Actually, one who is truly liberal should only be Pro-Israel.

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