VP Pence blasts Ilhan Omar’s antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

VP Pence is a strong friend to Israel. If someones harasses the Jewish state, even if it is within America’s own government, Pence will call them out.

VP Pence on Ilhan Omar

VP Pence stands by what he believes. And he believes Israel is America’s strongest ally. So how would he allow himself to see such horrific antisemitism and stay silent? Not only does he himself condemn the way Ilhan Omar has treated Israel, but he calls on every American – in Congress or not – to do the same.

The world has enough hate in it. We do NOT need it to be so present in the American government as well.

Blaming America

Aside from Ilhan Omar’s blatant and incessant antisemitism, she is not defending and protecting the American people either. She is part of the government, yet attacks the government. As Pence points out in this video, she blamed America for the poverty in Venezuela. She does not want sanctions on Venezuela, yet she is fully supportive of sanctioning Israel – the one democracy in the Middle East. That is such open antisemitism that it seems insane for people NOT to condemn her.

Wake up America. There are people in Congress who not only are targeting Israel, but they are trying to bring down America as well.

Dr. Risch

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