The hypocrisy of the European Union and radical Left

by Leah Rosenberg

The radical Left has really taken the wrong turn. They don’t care about human rights. They care about destroying Israel. And that is the sad truth.

The European Union & the Radical Left

The European Union and the radical Left are ecstatic when Jewish homes are destroyed. Despite the fact that the Jewish people belong in the Jewish Homeland, they want to cut that connection.

When there are illegal “Palestinian” huts taken down, the radical Left cries that human rights have been taken away. But when Jewish homes are demolished, and even furthermore when Jewish lives are destroyed, they are silent.

That is such solid proof that they only care to demonize Israel. They don’t care about children, and they don’t care about human rights.

When Will the Double Standard End?

When will the double standard against Israel stop? So much of the world is against Israel for no reason at all. The United Nations is against Israel. The political left is against Israel. Really, Israel represents everything the leftists say they want. Progressives should support Israel. But they are too stuck in their blind hatred to even notice. Israel is free, peaceful, democratic. Israel gives equal rights to people of all religions and faiths.

Instead of people criticizing from abroad and hearing one-sided stories, they should come to Israel and see what Israel is all about. There is a reason so many different types of people are able to live in Israel side by side.

So maybe the double standard will end when the radical left opens their eyes to what type of country Israel ACTUALLY is.

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