The Armenian Jerusalemite who captured Jerusalem’s story

by Leah Rosenberg

Jerusalem has such a rich history.  There are even Armenian refugees from the Armenian genocide in Turkey and Afghanistan that ended up in the Land of Israel.

Once the Jewish people came back to the Land of Israel, nomadic Arabs, Armenians, and other groups of people from the Middle East came to a place where they could live a better life.


War of Independence

There were many people who were affected negatively during the War of Independence.  But it was the Jewish people who lost the most.  A full 6,000 people – 1% of the entire Jewish population were killed.  But for the Jewish people, it was the greatest turning point in thousands of years.  For the first time in centuries, the Jewish people would not be reliant on others for their security.

What is amazing about this particular story is that this Armenian has pictures from Jerusalem from a unique vantage point.

The Armenians are kind of like the Kurds in Israel.  They are a minority that doesn’t really align with any one group.  The Arabs say they are different, and the Jews see them as outsiders.

Minorities in the Land of Israel

Armenians and Christians in the State of Israel are in good hands when they live under Jewish sovereignty.  But, if they live under the Palestinian Authority, they often are in danger.  Jerusalem is indeed a great place for people of all religions to live – but under a Jewish government.  Between 1948 and 1967, under the Jordanian occupation, most of these minorities suffered.  Yet another example of how great the State of Israel is.

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