Israeli Air Force Destroy Hamas Terror Targets in Gaza

by Avi Abelow

Only one day after receiving Israeli gas supplies again, Hamas shot another rocket at Israel.  This forced Israel to retaliate and attack in response. The Israeli Air Force destroyed 8 different Hamas terror installations.


Within one day of resupplying the gas to Gaza, Hamas shot another rocket into Israeli territory.

In response, IDF fighter jets attacked eight terrorist targets in three Hamas military compounds.

The targets were a military compound in the northern Gaza Strip, a training camp, and a weapons production and storage site in the southern Gaza Strip.

What’s the Story with the Gas Supplies?

Just days earlier Israel stopped delivering gas to Gaza as a threat to stop the rocket attacks and the terror on the border fence. Even though the terror on the border continued, since the rocket attacks stopped, Israel decided to continue the supply of gas to Gaza.

This gas is actually funded by Qatar.  Why?  Because the Palestinian Authority withholds the funds from Hamas to pay for the gas!

Does this situation sound confusing? It is. Here is what is going on. The international community provides much of the aid that funds the budget of the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority then is committed to send some of that budget to Gaza. Some of the funds go directly to Hamas to pay for the gas and electricity and Israel supplies. However, some of the funds are sent to pay the 20,000 salaries of Palestinian Authority employees who are unemployed in Gaza.  Why are they unemployed? Because Hamas took over and fired all the people associated with Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

Who’s in charge of Gaza?

The situation gets worse. Abbas and the Palestinian Authority want to regain control of Gaza. So the Palestinian Authority has decided to cut off the funds to Gaza to create a horrible economic situation and push the Gazans to rebel against Hamas. Abbas’ dream is to return to power in Gaza due to the unrest of the Gazan population. Hence, he has withheld salaries to the 20,000 Palestinian Authority employees in Gaza.  In addition, he has withheld payments for Hamas to pay for gas and electricity.

So who are the Gazans angry with?

Gazans today have little money, as well as little gas and electricity. And who is to blame? The Palestinian Authority! Yet, if you read mainstream news reports, they blame this “economic disaster” on Israel.

Hence, Qatar decided to fund the purchase of gas for Israel to deliver to Gaza.

The bottom line is, that even with this underhanded pressure of the Palestinian Authority on Hamas, the Gazans are still not rebelling against Hamas, because they are a terror organization that threatens the Gazans. At the same time, Hamas rewards Gazans with money to protest on the border fence. Those who get killed or injured get even more money.

Welcome to the Middle East.

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