Arab social media star is ashamed of what his people are doing

by Leah Rosenberg

Arab social media star Nuseir Yassin is a moderate Arab with a big voice. What he publicly says is so different than what many Arabs say. Listen up.

The Big Named Arab Social Media Star

Nuseir Yassin is not just another Arab. He has a strong opinion. He has a following. And he wants people to hear what he says. His page is called “Nas Daily” and has 9.6 million followers. When there is something to be said, he says it.

And in one of his newest videos, something that happened in the Arab world sparked him enough for him to stand up and criticize and be ashamed.

Saudi Journalist Murdered

Recently, Saudi Arabia murdered their own journalist. Why? Because he wanted to write. That’s all. He did not commit a crime.

The same thing happened with a female human rights activist. She was publicly executed.

Yassin points out that these types of occurrences are happening throughout Arab countries around the world. Because Arab countries are not completely free.

Did you know that out of 22 Arab countries, only one is considered free? Just Tunisia. What does that say about Arab countries? There needs to be a change.

Moderate Arabs Need to Speak Up

These oppressive Arab governments try to silence the moderate Arabs. But Nas Daily’s video is telling these moderate Arabs to continue speaking up – to keep their voices loud.

It is one thing when people of other religions speak about the governments in Arabs countries. But it is even more powerful when an Arab himself get up and strongly criticizes Arab governments.

Will this make a change in the status quo?

Let’s hope his message gets spread wide and far in the right places.

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