Alan Dershowitz tells Progressives why they should support Israel

by Phil Schneider

Why should a Liberal support the State of Israel?  Alan Dershowitz spells it out.  There are 5 reasons.  He is so difficult to argue against – especially when he tries to convince liberals.  He’s got 50-60 years of successful arguing under his belt.

Israel is a Vibrant Democracy

There is genuine freedom of press in Israel.  Criticism in Israel is the norm in Israel.  It is the only real democracy in the Middle East.  Some fake democracies exist.  It is actually a beacon of democracy in the entire Middle East.  None of Israel’s 5 Arab country neighbors offer their citizens freedom of the press.  That’s a big deal.

More important, none of the local Arab populations of Israel’s neighbors can speak out against their leadership.  The Arabs in Israel know this well.  So do the Arabs who live in neighboring countries.

Arab Supreme Court Judge

Consider this fact.  An Arab Supreme Court judge put a Jewish President of the State of Israel into prison – in the last decade.  Yes, Israel has Arab Supreme Court Judges, and they can adjudicate a case as big as whether or not a former President of the State of Israel belongs in jail.  A Jew can barely live in any of the countries neighboring Israel – let alone get a high-level job.  Can a Jew sit on a court in an Arab country?  Not a chance.

Role Model Nation

Dershowitz’s best argument is that Israel is just a bit over 70 years old.  What Israel has done to better the entire world in just over 7 decades of existence is nothing less than amazing.  Israel’s hi-tech prowess has improved life in Africa and other countries that fight starvation.  Israel’s hi-tech companies help handicapped people all over the world, and bring down the costs of health care enormously.

In a nutshell, if every young country accomplished what Israel has accomplished, then most of the world’s ills would be solved.

And all of the above is without focusing on the role of women, gay rights, minority rights, etc…

Israel is a liberal success story in every way.

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