The top 5 reasons to reject boycotting Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz explains quite succinctly why those who boycott Israel are immoral and why we must reject them.

Placing Blame

Quite simple, “boycotting Israel places all the blame for the current stalemate in the Middle East on Israel.”  This is totally not true, yet the message a boycott gives over is exactly that!  Israel and the Jewish people even before the creation of the modern State of Israel, have always been willing to compromise on land in order to live peacefully with her Arab neighbors. The Arabs rejected every single deal that anybody offered them since 1917. Israel is NOT to blame for the stalemate in negotiations – it is the Arabs!

In truth, the fact that the Arabs always say NO to peace deals based on splitting the land should be a strong enough message for all to understand that our conflict is not a land conflict. Otherwise, we would have been able to solve the problem 100 years ago!

Boycotting Does Not Encourage Peace Talks

Negotiations 101: You want to bring someone to the table to negotiate? Then make them understand what they will lose if they do NOT come to the table. Boycotting Israel does the exact opposite. It shows the Palestinian Authority that the world is pressuring Israel, and it emboldens them to reject negotiations. Why negotiate if the masses are boycotting Israel and forcing international pressure on Israel? This is the exact opposite of what needs to be done.

Israel is the LAST Country to Boycott

China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela etc. These are just a list of some of the countries that are human rights abusers against their own citizens. These are countries that we should boycott and ostracize, not Israel! Boycotting only from the nation-state of the Jewish people, while there are other countries doing horrendous things, sends a terrible message. Israel is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to human rights, even against our enemies. This is a clear sign that the whole anti-Israel movement has nothing to do with standing up for human rights and everything to do with anti-semitism.

It hurts other causes

Most troubling of all, is that by people focusing on boycotting Israel, true victims of human rights abuse all over the world are ignored.

The same people who profess to care about human rights by boycotting Israel actually expose themselves as anti-semitic hypocrites. They ignore true human rights abuses all over the world, and instead choose to single out the one true democracy in the Middle East that treats its enemies better than many countries treat their own citizens.

Israel is Right

And about Gaza and Israel killing terrorists and human shields protecting terrorists? That is what every government is supposed to do when an enemy population tries to kill its citizens.

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