The “horrific” crime committed by this 20 year old Iranian got her 24 years in jail

by Avi Abelow

She has a name. It is Saba Kordafshari. Saba is only 20 years old. This 20 year old Iranian got an absurd prison sentence – for what? Wanting freedom!

20 Year Old Iranian Says No to Hijab

Saba Kordafshari is a brave 20 year old Iranian woman. She decided to protest against the oppression of women in Iran. So, what did she do? She walked the streets without her hijab! She went unveiled! Is that such a crime? Well, if you live in Iran, the regime treats it as a horrific crime. Kordafshari got a 24 year prison sentence for wanting to be free! It is absurd! Where is the international outcry? The world claims they care about women’s right, but where are those voices now? Why won’t they stand up for Saba? Why won’t they defend her and women all over the Muslim world who are being oppressed?

What Saba Kordafshari did is courageous and unselfish. She is willing to fight for her rights and the rights of ALL women. She sacrificed her own freedom so that other women can hopefully be free.

But When it’s the Iran Deal…

When it comes to the Iran deal, the media LOVES Iran. They side with the terrorists over all of our Western values. The media loves Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran.

What is even crazier is that the United Nations picked Iran to judge women’s rights complaints! Where is the outrage at THAT? When the world should speak up and be horrified, they are silent. And that silence is deafening.

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