“Palestinian” Arab Woman Murdered by Her Family – Honor Killing Goes Viral

by Avi Abelow

Israa Ghrayeb, 21, from Bethlehem, was murdered by her family. What was her crime? She posted an “inappropriate” video of herself with her fiancee on Instagram. This is the story of the honor killing that has gone viral thanks to the video below. WARNING! These are the screams of Israa Ghareb.

The video is hard to watch. Even though we don’t see anything, we hear the horrible last screams of Israa.

Israa’s brother Ihab, a Canadian resident, was reportedly angered by the Instagram post, claiming it dishonored the family by showing her together with her fiancé before the official wedding ceremony.

He was reportedly called on by their father to beat Israa after cousins of the family saw the footage online, according to social media reports. Israa ended up dying after repeated beatings. Some are calling upon the Canadian government to arrest Ihab.

The above video is so important because the heinous “traditional” act of honor killings in Muslim society has been ignored by the Western world for too long. So-called “feminists” and leftists in the West are silent over the massive amount of innocent Muslim women murdered by their own fathers and brothers every day. Yet, this video is finally bringing focus to this heinous criminal act. May Israa’s last screams in this video be a wakeup call to the Western world to no longer remain silent about honor killings in the Muslim communities, including in Western countries.

No society should tolerate honor killings! And nobody who calls themselves a “feminist” or “liberal” can be silent about it either. It is sad proof that when it comes to the evils practiced by many in Muslim communities, the “moral” left is silent. Sad proof that their professed morality is actually immoral.

“Leading” Muslim American Women React Disgracefully

The following are two reactions from leading Muslim American women who have hoodwinked American women to believe that they care about women and other “progressive” causes. Yet looking at their reactions it is clear that they do not care about their fellow Muslim women who are killed daily due to honor killings in Muslim communities. They only care about one thing, and it is not women or stopping Muslim honor killings…

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted a disgraceful tweet, not only totally ignoring the evil of honor killings in Muslim society, but blaming Israel! She links to a site which blames Israel for the Palestinian Authority not having laws to punish honor killings!!! What evil!

Linda Sarsour couldn’t resist either!

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