The Israeli-Arab conflict explained perfectly in 16 seconds

by Avi Abelow

It seems impossible to explain what the world makes out to be the most complicated conflict. But here it is. Israel wants to shake hands, the Arabs don’t.

Complicated Conflict?

I think not. What is happening in the Middle East between the Arabs and the Jews is not a complicated conflict. It is quite simple. As Dennis Prager said, “One side wants the other side dead.” Yes, that is quite complicated to solve since the Arabs want to murder all the Jews. But it IS that simple to explain.

Israel wants peace. They really do. And this video from the Judo competition is really a microcosm of the larger issue. The Jewish contestant wanted to shake the Egyptian contestant’s hand after the semi-finals match. And what happened? The Egyptian refused. And that is exactly how the conflict has played out for decades. Israel wants to shake hands and make peace, and the Arabs respond with hostility.

Israel is the Champion!

The Israeli contestant in the Judo competition, Sagi Muki, became the world champion! And that is Israel’s story. Despite being rejected by Arabs and others, despite the fact that the Arabs won’t shake hands with the Jews, Israel continues to fight. Israel continues to win. The Jewish state does not let obstacles bring them down. Jews have it in their blood to continue on, even when the going gets tough.

Israel is not only the world champion in Judo. The Jewish state truly has shown that they are overall world champions!

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