What Israel exposed in Lebanon proves that Iran threatens the stability of the ENTIRE region!

by Phil Schneider

Iran is a powerful force in the Middle East – not just via it’s nuclear program. It is also the main supplier of weapons to it’s dangerous proxies in the entire region. The Hizbullah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip are it’s two main centers of terror production around Israel. These are not mere annoyances. Each one has the capability to send thousands of missiles at Israel at any time. Of course, they hold back because of the fact that Israel has the ability to wipe them out completely.

The Goal of Iran

This needs to be made perfectly clear. Iran wants to destroy the entire State of Israel and kill all of it’s inhabitants. These are not empty threats. They mean what they say and they have made this perfectly clear with word and action for decades.

“There is nothing new under the sun.” These words apply today more than ever. It is hard for people with Western mindsets to realize that very little has changed in the last century. The radical Muslim nations like Iran look at the Jewish people with the same disdain that the Nazis did. They want to do the same exact thing. But today, there is a Jewish Army and an Israeli nuclear weapons program – thanks to Ben-Gurion, some brilliant scientists, and financial supporters from around the world who made sure that Israel will always be able to provide a disproportionate response to any of it’s threatening neighbors. The Hizbullah and Hamas – via weapons from Iran can indeed wreak havoc on the State of Israel. But then Israel would wipe them out. Iran can indeed bomb Israel with ballistic weapons. But then Iran would cease to exist.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands the goals of Iran, and the population of the State of Israel respects him for that. That is why he continues to get reelected time and again. Israel’s security is never a minor issue in the elections. As long as Israel keeps it’s eye on the ball, we’ll be OK. The Iranian regime will crumble when enough pressure is exerted on them. The missiles will become obsolete and Lebanon and Iran will one day become moderate countries – like they once were. But until that point, Israel must not leave Iran or Lebanon off their gun sights for a second, and the West must exert more and more economic pressure on Iran.

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