Iranian woman gets beaten by father for being unveiled

by Leah Rosenberg

Where are the feminists? Where is the outcry of the world when an Iranian woman gets beaten by her own father for the “crime” of being unveiled?


Iranian Woman Crying for Help

This Iranian woman is crying out for help. Her father beat her because she was not wearing her hijab in front of her brother’s friend. Iranian women are suffering from these types of situations! They are in physical and emotional pain. What kind of father would do this to his daughter? This is just brutal!

Iranian women have protested the evil that is taking place in Iran. They have had enough, and so has all of the free world!

In the Name of Religion?

These radical Muslims claim that they commit these terrible acts in the name of religion. From within their own home, such as beating their wives and children, to blowing up “infidels,” they have a twisted mindset. It is just sick! That is not what religion is about!

Enough of the disturbing and perverted views of religion.

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