Biblical Prophecy is Happening Now! Watch for Yourselves!

by Phil Schneider

The battlefront today in the world is the battlefront of ideas. That is the essence of what the State of Israel’s role is today.  Jeremy Gimpel explains that this is a fulfillment of prophecy. The goal of the State is to bring the light of positive values into the world. Jeremy proudly claims that the State of Israel is here as a “beacon of light in the darkest region of the world.” The Voice of Israel is here to bring the positive ideas from the Chosen Land to the entire world.


This interpretation of the verse from Isaiah 11 “..for the knowledge of God will cover the earth as the water covers the sea,” is innovative and at the same time truly profound. We tend to see our technological world as being superficial. Many “friends” on Facebook are only virtual. Many things that are spread over the net may present a one-sided, distorted view of reality. Pictures and facts can be glossed over and misrepresented. We have been exposed to a vast amount of knowledge and ideas -some of which are distorted and being used to influence our world outlook.

The Internet as the Fulfillment of Prophecy

The battle for the future of the world will be based on the battle for truth versus lies.  The way to distribute these ideas quickly and effectively is unquestionably the internet and social media.  Today, one small country can impact the entire world in a way that could never have happened until the last few decades.

But Jeremy Gimpel explains that without the internet, the message of the people and the Land of Israel could not reach everyone across the entire world.  The internet is indeed part of the fulfillment of the prophecies from the Bible.

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