These Canadians came to Israel but were shocked by what they saw

by Leah Rosenberg

These young Canadians learned something about Israel and Israelis that was not what they expected. They were fed lies, but then they discovered the truth.

The Canadians Who Found the Truth

When you listen to what these Canadians say about Israel, it is truly eye-opening. They were told things about the Jewish state that just were not true. And when they came, they discovered everything was different. It was not a war-torn country. It was not a place of hate. Israel is a diverse place. They found the beauty in Israel, the land, and the people. These young people saw that Israelis want peace. Israelis want to change the world and make it a better place.

Listen to what they said. One said, “Israel was actually just a place of beauty. And that feels like such an understatement.” Another said, “I think a few things I’ve learnt just by being able to go to Israel several times is that the people there want peace. The people there don’t want conflict. They want to solve a lot of problems internally and externally in their own country and beyond. And they want people to live a happy, thriving life, and that is very evident when you go there.”

Now They Are Sharing it with You

After all they saw, they want to share it with you. They want the world to know the truth. People misinformed them, and they do not want you to make the same mistake.

It is hard to fully fathom how many lies are spread constantly about Israel. So many people get brainwashed by false ideas. But then they come to Israel and realize how everything they were told was not true. It is that easy – if you come, you will see it. Indeed, you will see the good.

Dr. Risch

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