Take a ride on the Jerusalem light rail and this is what you’ll discover

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jerusalem light rail is different than any other train you’ll ride on. The people you’ll meet and the diversity you’ll see will blow you away.

The Jerusalem Light Rail Path

The Jerusalem light rail takes riders on an unexpected journey across Jerusalem. It breaks all barriers. It surprises all those who stay on the journey from beginning to end. The light rail goes throughout different parts of Jerusalem – what some refer to as “East” and “West” Jerusalem, despite there really only being ONE Jerusalem.

This train is another example of Israel choosing NOT to discriminate against Arabs. Despite the risk, the light rail goes through Arab neighborhoods as well as the Jewish ones. Is that what “apartheid” looks like, as so many like to label Israel? That is the farthest thing from apartheid!

The Diversity

Aside from the diverse neighborhoods, the people who ride the Jerusalem light rail are more diverse than you can ever imagine! Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Israelis, Americans, Ethiopians – you name a culture or a country, and it will probably be represented on Jerusalem’s light rail. People sing, people dance, and people enjoy the beautiful scenery as they ride across Jerusalem. It is a unique experience.

Those who criticize Israel should really come to the Jewish state and see the diversity for themselves. It is not something someone has to search for hard. Something as simple as the Jerusalem light rail says a lot about Israel. Come and see the REAL Jerusalem and the REAL Israel. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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