A group of Israelis just did something on the light rail that made everyone smile

by Leah Rosenberg


The light rail of Jerusalem is a popular destination that all residents of Jerusalem use.  It goes right down the main artery of Jerusalem – Jaffa Street – from the Central Bus Station towards the Old City.  What once used to be a bustling, honk-filled street with lots of bus pollution is now a placid and beautiful street with a quiet train that glides through the city.

Israel’s Population Diversity

The Israeli population is a very heterogeneous population.  There are Sephardic Jews who hail from around ten different countries in the Middle East.  Each brings its own customs and practices.  There are also Jews who have returned to the Holy Land from around 25 other countries too.  What unifies Israelis more than anything else is Jerusalem, their past, and their future.

It used to be that the Jerusalem marketplace was the only place to truly see and feel the variety of the Jewish population of the Land of Israel.  Now it can be experienced on the light rail system every day of the year.


A common refrain of older people in Israel is that the “Jewish people lack unity.”  I think there is alot of truth to this sentiment.  The many backgrounds of the people and the significant gaps in religious observance between different populations lead to alot of distance between different communities.

There may be nothing that breaks down barriers better than music.  These musicians are not looking for small donations.   They are not playing to get a tip or two.  It is pure love of one’s fellow Israeli that drives them.

This is a good trend, even if it annoys the few people who were on a phone call when the music began.

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