The artist who fights Neo-Nazis with food

by Leah Rosenberg

Neo-Nazis have tried to bring back the hate that the world thought was eradicated decades ago. But this artist is turning the hate into something unique.


It is frightening. To see the images of Swastikas being plastered on walls, buildings, windows, synagogues, and more is truly a horrific sight. The Nazis were defeated. Haven’t people learned the lesson about the destruction of hate? Why do people still have to suffer from the affects of Adolf Hitler, one of the most vicious people to have ever lived? No country or place seems to be immune to Neo-Nazis and their influence. Sweden has been hit. Germany is hearing calls for Hitler once again.

It is painful to come to terms with the fact that such hatred for the Jewish people still exists. But there are also those small beacons of hope that radiate more light than the darkness. The world gets a little brighter each time something like this happens…

Fighting Hate with Food – Graffiti Style

It is a beautiful scene to see people who actually stand up against hate and spread love instead. Watching this man graffiti his art over Swastikas is a sight to see. He literally turns something disgusting into something beautiful. Often times people see an issue and want to do something, but they do not have enough motivation and passion to create a change.

But this artist took his passion and talent and used it for something positive. Not only is he erasing hate, but he is creating peace. Check out his scrumptious and unique looking art!

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