Father of slain 19 year old Israeli soldier reveals his son’s last words

by Phil Schneider

The step-father of the young Israeli soldier who was killed near Beit El has a message to deliver.  Yossi’s last words in his home were,” I thank G-d that for the privilege to defend the Nation of Israel with my body.”  A sad but powerful statement from the young soldier.  Yossi’s father is a veteran of the Yom Kippur War.  His dad was raised on a socialist kibbutz.  His message to the nation is that he believes in the most basic values of respect and love with all people.  After the Yom Kippur War, around 47 years ago, Yossi’s father became religiously observant.  His son, Yossi, was just 20 years old, had a heart of gold, and had plans to study dentistry.

Rare Snapshot

In this interview with Yossi’s father, the Israeli public and the world get a snapshot of some of the deep and beautiful side of the Orthodox population in Israel.  When politics are put aside and the human character of the Israeli nation is revealed, it is a deep and beautiful personality.  Yossi’s father is a perfect example of that.  Within Israel, there is a lot of polarization between different groups of people.  The religious and secular public often do not see eye to eye on many matters.  But, in times of tragedy, especially when it is an Israeli soldier, the true colors of Israeli society come out.

Everyone Contributes

In truth, Israel is like one big family.  We all know that we are in this together.  Even the families who’s children do not serve in the Israeli Army are brothers of the families who’s children serve in the Army.

How every person contributes to the country and the nation is unique to each and every person.  For many people, it is via Army service.  For others, it is via Bible study.  Whereas others volunteer in one of the thousands of goodwill organizations in the country.

Israel is a massive family based on an enormous number of acts of altruism.  May we merit to recognize the blessings of our nation in times of happiness and not just in times of sadness and tragedy.



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