The Holy Land of Israel is showing the world another side

by Leah Rosenberg

The Holy Land of Israel is a place of deep spirituality. It is God’s land. And God’s land is a place of unbelievable innovation!

The Holy Land of Innovation

Many different types of people come to Israel and instantly feel connected. There is something in the air – something that just cannot be explained. People love visiting, and some people even choose to pick up their lives and move to the Holy Land. The spirituality in Israel cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world. After all, it is God’s chosen land…

But do you know about the other side as well? The side known as the Startup Nation? Israel leads the world in technology. And it is magnificent! When you learn about even just a small fraction of how innovative Israel really is, you’ll be blown away.

Helping the World

Israelis do not only do things for themselves. They create so much for the world at large in many areas of life. Israel’s accomplishments are things that everyone can benefit from. This video shows just a glimpse of what Israel has accomplished and contributed! Israel is a vibrant, thriving, growing, and innovative country. It seems ridiculous when Israel-boycotters do not want to use Israeli technology. But with all Israel has created, that is nearly impossible.

If you think about it, being innovative and helping the world is not “another side” to the holy, spiritual land. The two go hand in hand! God wants us to help other people! And that is exactly what Israel does!

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