If an Israeli soldier did this, the headlines would be different

by Leah Rosenberg

When an Israeli soldier tries to protect himself from Arabs, the media goes wild and screams “murderer!” But people need to protect themselves!

U.S. Cop Shoots Arab for Protection

This video is of AMERICAN police protecting themselves from an Arab assailant. They had do. Why? Because the Arab was throwing rocks and coming at the police with a knife. Does that scene sound familiar? Situations like these happen in Israel all too often. But the reaction from the world is different, so you would not even know. Because the headlines frame ISRAEL as the assailant!

What would you expect these American policemen to do? Of course they should protect themselves! But what about an Israeli soldier or an Israeli policeman?

The Double Standard

The double standard against Israel has become ridiculous. Israelis are just trying to protect themselves. We have seen it time and time again, and even as terrorists and murderers try to harm Israelis, it somehow still is Israel’s fault. When they shoot terrorists to protect themselves, Israelis somehow become the terrorists. When terrorists from Gaza try to infiltrate the border, Israeli soldiers gets blamed for shooting the terrorists and trying to protect their own people. Is that not the most absurd thing?

Why can’t the world see the truth? This video took place in America. But if it was an Israeli soldier or an Israel policeman and a Palestinian Arab, the headlines would call Israel the aggressor and blame Israel for protecting itself. So when you read news headlines about Israel, search for the truth. There is another side to the story.

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