French president calls out all forms of antisemitism

by Phil Schneider

This is an important speech by the French President Macron. Is it just a speech of fancy words or is it more than that? It’s hard to know, but the President should be praised for his words.

France and the Jewish People

This speech by President Macron is a historical speech. He evokes alot of nostalgic memories of the accomplishments of so many of the Jewish people who lived in France over the generations.

However, the present, and probably the future in France, looks very bleak. It is not a new concept for the Jewish people to hear leaders give powerful memorial speeches about the Jewish people. President Macron follows in the paths of many others in this speech.

However, the Jewish people should have learned their lesson. Their is only one true solution to dealing with anti-semitism. Join the Army – the Israeli Army. If one is too old for that, then bring one’s family or at least encourage their younger generation to join.

For thousands of years, Jews fought with passports. For the last 70 years, their has been a new option. Move to the Land of Israel – to the State of Israel – and fight back. The alternative is to listen to flowing memorials for anti-semitic acts. France is just a pre-cursor for what is already beginning to happen in other Western countries.

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