PA President Abbas admits to paying terrorists in front of U.S. congressmen

by Leah Rosenberg

PA President Abbas openly admitted to paying terrorists for killing innocent Israelis. If that is not enough proof for the world, what is?

President Abbas Pays Terrorists

The Palestinian Arab leadership pays terrorists to kill Israelis. That is incitement. It is evil. And it should be condemned by the entire world. Yet, the spotlight still seems to focus on what Israel is doing “wrong.” We see constant criticism of Israel in the United Nations. There are reports against Israel. Emergency meetings. For what? False claims. Human rights violations that Israel never committed. But somehow, when “Palestinian” Authority president Mahmoud Abbas admits to paying terrorists, the UN does not care. Apparently, encouraging blowing people up and stabbing them is not a violation of the UN and its charter.

Does Anyone Care?

Abbas said all of this in front of a delegation of US congressmen and the J-Street organization, which is a completely anti-Israel organization. The PA president said everything casually as if it is normal to praise people for murdering innocent men, women, and children. The fact that the world at large turns a blind eye to what is actually happening in Israel is frightening. Wake up world! The truth is right in front of you!

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