The Whole Story about the Otzma Yehudit Right Wing Israeli Party

by Avi Abelow

As Israeli elections approach, the atmosphere is getting heated. Recent news is focused on PM Netanyahu’s push for a right-wing party called Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Strength) to merge with a consortium of two other right-wing parties in order to not lose right-wing votes in the upcoming election. This was a critical move by Netanyahu to ensure that the conservative right wing block that he leads not lose votes. (According to the Israeli law, a party needs 3.25% of the popular vote in order to pass the threshold to get into Parliament. Without passing that threshold all the votes are lost). The backlash has been furious because some people consider this Otzma Yehudit party to be racist for having representatives connected to the late leader of the Kach movement, Rabbi Meir Kahana.

TRUTHBOMB: Otzma Yehudit and the hysteria that we are witnessing.

A journalist calling them the KKK (Barak Ravid), a Rabbi saying he would “go to war to not have them included in the government”, AIPAC chastising Netanyahu for working on the agreement to have them included in the right-wing block. Sick, sick, sick. Don’t agree. Hate what they have to say, but don’t ignore the elephant in the room that is waiting to murder us all, already inside our gates.

Personally, I’m very sad. Sad that so many of our own people are so willing to throw Jews under a bus, yet silent against the true evil we are up against.

Focus on the Culture of Islam as the Problem

The Jewish Strength party platform is based on a plan to save Israel from the demographic threat of an enemy that most people refuse to identify as the enemy, Arab Muslims. The party is called racist because people claim that the party believes that all Arab Muslims are the problem. At one time, some of the leaders did claim that, however, if you look at the party platform today it specifically calls out those Arab Muslims that do not want to live peacefully with Israel.

The Jewish Strength party is 100% correct in pointing out the core problem is the inherent jihadi/sharia culture of Islam which makes peace with them impossible and therefore a ticking time bomb within our midst. However, there are those who believe that the problem is with all Arab Muslims, as their the late Rabbi Kahana used to say, yet their platform today does not accept that.

The Problem is Islam, but NOT all Muslims

There are Arab Muslims who do not accept the jihadi culture of Islam, who actually identify with Israel and want to live peacefully with Israel. They are a small minority, but they exist. Like this Arab Muslim woman who actually ran on for a spot on Netanyahu’s Likud ticket. It is a shame that some people are not more nuanced about that, because it does touch upon the true problem Israel, the Jews, and the freedom-loving world face, the jihadi culture that exists in Islam. But saying its all Arab Muslims shifts the discourse to be about a “Racist” attitude instead of the true jihadi/sharia problem that exists within Islam. It has hundreds of millions of Arab Muslim followers throughout Israel, Judea/Samaria and the whole Middle East. Even if they are a minority of the billions of Muslims worldwide, they are a group of hundreds of millions! This issue can’t be ignored by the freedom-loving world, yet it is.

Islam is NOT About Peace

People prefer to ignore the fact that Islam is about taking over the world and subjugating all non-Muslims. Islam is not about peace, it is NOT a “religion of peace”. It is a religion that believes they are responsbile for brining “peace” to the world by subjugating all non-Muslims to allah and Islam! That is the true definition of “peace” in Islam.

Murder is not their only jihadi weapon against us. Rape is also done for religious religions, as well as courting young non-Muslim girls to marry, to then treat as slaves, and sex-slaves, once married. This is all part of the jihadi Islam agenda. While most Jews and non-Jews prefer to ignore this reality, Jewish Strength focuses on this issue. But, because they paint all Muslims as such, even though those who do not agree with this are a minority, the Jewish Strength party is labeled as racist. Hence the backlash against PM Netanyahu for pushing to have them elected into the next Knesset.

Jewish Strength Platform

Since the Jewish Strength party understands that the core culture of Islam is a ticking time bomb in Israel, the party plan calls for financial incentives, and other legal means, to encourage Arab Muslims to move from Judea and Samaria, and other parts of Israel, to other places around the world. The Jewish Strength points out that the Arab Muslim enemy must be called an enemy and not whitewashed.


Many people call the party racist, yet it is the height of hypocrisy that these same people are silent about the actual racism and genocidal culture of our enemies. The same people who are screaming “racism” at the Jewish Strength party are silent about the evil of the Palestinian Authority, a “respected” peace partner. It is known to everyone that the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas, incite children to murder Jews with schoolbooks and tv programs, while they also pay terrorists for murdering Jews and name schools in their honor!. Even worse, they are also silent about Arab Muslims who sit in Israel’s parliament and support Israel’s destruction. When it comes to our true enemies they are silent, yet they scream racism at this party. If they would be just as upset about the evil of our enemies, wh oeven sit in our own Parliament, then their uproar over the Jewish Strength party would be more acceptable. However, only pointing a finger at the Jewish Strength party is the height of hypocrisy.

It is ok for people to be bothered by the Jewish Strength party, yet it is not ok to only be bothered by that and not bothered by our true enemies who are literally publicly working to destroy us and murder us.

This Man is an Arab Muslim in Israel’s Parliament – Yet No Outrage

Real Politik

The truth is that Israeli PM Netanyahu is not a fan of the party either, he just understood that in order to win the next elections he had to push for this deal. If the Jewish Strength party would not have joined the consortium block of right wing parties, between 4-8 seats of the right wing block would have been lost, giving a high probablitity that the left wing block would win the elections with a Netanyahu loss. Not wanting to take that chance, PM Netanyahu worked to make this political deal happen.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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