Arab Muslim Woman Decides to Run on Election Ticket with PM Netanyahu

by Avi Abelow

This is huge. Dima Tayeh, running as the first Arab Muslim woman on the right wing Likud list for the upcoming elections, kills the left’s narrative that Netanyahu, and his right-wing Likud party are anti-Arab. The Israeli left is shocked because she is saying the truth. She is proud to be Israeli, and she is a big supporter of PM Netanyahu because he is a good Prime Minister for all Israelis, including Arab Muslims. She has stated a number of times that “ISRAEL IS MY COUNTRY AND I AM PROUD OF IT“, as opposed to the Arab Muslim politicians who are against Israel and partake in the international struggle delegitimizing, Isreal. If only the politicians and journalists in the world would listen to the truth from Dima Tayeh and block out the anti-Israel lies from the other Arab Muslims who delegitimize Israel.

MEMRI Video of Interview

“I’m proud of my country Israel. As a Muslim Arab, I represent the Muslim minority living in this country and I represent the democratic state that provides rights to its people.”

“This state (Israel) gives you, as a member of the media, a platform on which to speak, whereas in Russia no journalist can speak out against the rulers. So Israel is a democracy. I can work in any job (in Israel) that is compatible with what I have done with my life. The work places available to the Arabs are the same ones available to the Jews. I wish that all the Arab communities could live in a democracy like Israel. If we compare Isreal to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan..” and then the TV host cuts her off!

Watch the full interview with Dima Tayeh here:

The interview with Israeli Arab activist Dima Tayeh, was after she participated in an Israeli anti-BDS delegation to the U.S. The interview was broadcast on Arab-Israeli Musawa TV channel. Tayeh was clear in stating the obvious that Israel was a democracy and not an apartheid state. She said that she was proud of her country. “I wish that all the Arab countries would adopt a democratic system like Israel’s,” said Tayeh, in response to the Musawa TV interviewer, who said that Israel treats its minorities as “fourth, fifth, or sixth degree” citizens. The interview aired on October 13, 2017.

Tayeh Basically says that Israel is the BEST Place for Arabs to live in the Middle East and that those Israeli Arab Muslims who are against Israel are doing a diservice to the Arab Muslim population who are loyal Israeli citizens.

The following is a parody video, that basically comes up with a solution based on the truth that Israeli Muslim Arab Tayeh understands.

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