The hologram that can change the future of medicine

by Chaya Cikk

This hologram will change the lives of patients who need a medical procedure. It is amazing how this will help doctors in more ways than one. Israel is helping change the future of medicine one step at a time.

The Hologram

With Israel developing such wonderful technologies they have had many breakthroughs in the medical world. This most recent is of great significance. It will help doctors with procedures by creating a hologram image. That will allow them to see the exact problem of a patient. Therefore, allowing them to operate more precisely.

A hologram is an image that is three dimensional. The image will be created by data analyst and light. The image will be able to float mid-air during a real live procedure. Above all these holograms do not require special eyeglasses making it easier for doctors to use.

Other Breakthroughs

Israel with its advanced technologies has helped invent many astounding things in the medical world.

  • Israel created the Pillcam. This is a camera the size of a pill that a patient can swallow. Allowing doctors to help see the inside of the digestive system. Therefore, allowing them to help diagnose problems.
  • ReWalk: A robotic skeleton enabling those who are paraplegic to walk again. Also featured in the hit TV show Glee.
  • Corneat Vision: This is a company that is developing an artificial cornea implant. Helping so many people with problems with their eyes able to see.
  • Brainvivo: They created technology that enhances the MRI resolution for early detection. Just think if something like cancer cells can be detected early. Imagine the lives that can be saved.

Finally, this new way of using holograms will be better for the anatomy. Therefore making it better for the patients overall. Furthermore, it will help many patients all over the globe in the near future! Thank you Israel!


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