Sharia Law in America would overrule the First Amendment!

by Phil Schneider

The move towards more and more Sharia Law in small corners of the world is not a minor issue. There are already “safe spaces” in some locations. These “safe spaces” are very unsafe. They basically denote areas that the authorities have given up hope for controlling the local population for one reason or another. This is not merely about areas where Sharia Law is the dominant way of life. It refers to areas where hooligans have basically chased out the authorities and there is no rule of law anymore.

Rule of Law vs. Freedom of Religion

The rule of law is absolutely critical for any society to function properly. This needs to be said and understood. Things that once were understood as absolute givens are now subjects for discussion. Without rule of law, there is chaos. Rule of law does not mean that there is no freedom of religion. Rule of law insures the freedom of religion. It allows many different religions to coexist. It enables one religion’s propensity towards missionizing to others to be harnessed by freedom of religion. Freedom of law does not denote fascism. It denotes order, and without order, a minority can dominate the majority.

A basic aspect of true freedom-filled countries is a strong police force and a strong court system that makes sure to protect the law and abiding citizens from those who threaten them. The United States has been the model society in so many ways for the last few hundred years. Even if the United States has not always been the most religious of all countries, freedom of religion has always been the norm. We cannot allow any encroachment on our basic freedoms in order to allow non-freedom loving religions to practice freely. We need to protect freedom of religion by placing rule of law above the absolute freedom of religion.

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