Israel attacks Syrian targets in response to Syrian rocket fire

by Leah Rosenberg

It seems Israel’s enemies don’t get it. Israel will not just let terrorist rocket fire harm its people. Not Hamas rocket fire. Not Syrian rocket fire.

Syrian Rocket Fire

Saturday, two rockets were fired from Syrian territory into Israel territory. The rockets both exploded in the IDF military zone next to Mount Hermon. Of course, the IDF responded by striking various military targets in Syria. Would you expect anything less?

It is important for the world to note that Israel did not instigate. Israel fights to defend itself. They do not want more war. But no matter how many times this proves true, the world still blames Israel…

Israel’s Enemies Should Learn

It is time that Israel’s enemies learned that Israel is not a punching bag. The Jewish state is not some weak country that the world can pick on. As the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said, “The IDF will continue to act against any attempt to harm the citizens of Israel and its territory and is obligated to protect the security of Israeli citizens.”

The Jewish nation is not defenseless. They are not cowards. The Jewish nation has a homeland, a government, an army. So to the enemies – leave Israel alone. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

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