Al-Quds Terror Organization Call for the Destruction of Israel and America in the Hague

by Avi Abelow

This was a march that took place in The Hague (next to the Peace Palace). It was organized by pro-Iranian groups. There were a lot of Ya Hussein flags, Iranian flags, Syrian flags, etc. The Hague Police did not take any action when the marchers shouted “Down, down Israel”, “Down, down America”, “Marg bar Israel” and other extremist hate speech.

The marchers also made the women walk behind the demonstration. Not interested in peace, and not interested in equality for women, but allowed to live and spread their hatred and extremism in peace-loving Netherlands.

Hidde van Koningsveld, a Jewish activist in the Netherlands, told IsraelUnwired that the “the police didn’t act, despite the fact that this hateful rally was orchestrated by a foreign terror regime. Last year, a pro-Iranian protestor also waved the flag of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group. No one was arrested for this. In 2014, The Hague city council allowed ISIS sympathizers to call for the destruction of the Jewish people. The municipality promised to act more swiftly against anti-Semitism in the future.”

“Now, five years later, we are confronted with the same message of hatred. The Iranian regime is marching through our streets and calling for the destruction of the only Jewish state. CIDI demands that The Hague takes action now, and calls upon the authorities to ban future marches by the Iranian regime.”

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