The real threat to the Jews in Germany that the mainstream media is hiding

by Leah Rosenberg

Jews in Germany face antisemitism constantly. It’s a problem in Europe and across the world. When they say it’s because of the far-right, is that the truth?

Jews in Germany and Antisemitism

Why is it that the Jews in Germany fear wearing identifying symbols that make them stand out and look Jewish? The media will tell you it is because of the antisemitism of the far-right. But the truth is, mass Islamic immigration has brought in a culture of hate to Germany and throughout all of Europe. These migrants have entered the Western World spreading antisemitic thoughts and actions. How could European leaders let a culture in freely that is completely against Western values? How can Angela Merkel let people into Germany and put her country at risk?

Appeasing the Enemy

We cannot appease the enemy. It never works. Appeasing the enemy gives them more support to continue their terrorism and hatred. Avi Yemini is begging Jewish community leaders to stand strong and not be scared. He wants them to encourage Jews to be Jews and show their pride. Even though Yemini himself does not always wear a kippah, or yarmulke, he is committed to wearing it more. He does not believe a Jew should wear his head covering less – that just gives in to the enemy. It lets them win. And we do NOT want to let radical Islam win. Where will that lead us?

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