The Holocaust survivor with an important mission

by Leah Rosenberg

Every Holocaust survivor comes with his own powerful story. How did they survive? What was it that held them through the horrors of the Holocaust?

The Holocaust Survivor Band

Saul Dreier is a Holocaust survivor. He actually started a band relatively recently at 89 years old! How did he go from surviving the Holocaust to creating a band? How was Saul able to keep his positivity and go on to build a life after the Holocaust? He lost his entire family. But Saul did not let that stop him from surviving.

The Spoon Drumsticks

Saul said he had two spoons that helped him survive the Holocaust. He used to play the drums with them. And that is how he stayed alive. Through music. Dreier said, “We didn’t have much food, but we had music.” Can you imagine? And that is the power of music. Even in the darkest times, music has the ability to bring life. That is what this inspiring Holocaust survivor felt. Saul said, “Today, I sing to the joy of life because I knew the horrors of death, and no one should forget.”


What is the message? To remember. Saul and the Holocaust Survivor Band have played all over the world. And he just asks that people remember. He wants people to know his story. As you hear him shout “Never again!” it makes you wonder how people can ever deny the fact that he lost his entire family because the Nazis murdered them. Can those who deny the Holocaust really look Saul in the eyes and tell him that he’s lying? Can they really tell him that he didn’t experience the Nazi atrocities?

Meron - Devastated
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