Meet Sami, the Holocaust survivor. Don’t let his story be forgotten.

by Leah Rosenberg

Are there hundreds of thousands of 80+ year old liars in the world? Is Sami, a Holocaust survivor, lying? Watch and decide. Are all of the respected historians who unanimously agree that a holocaust of 6 million happened exaggerating?

Stand up and do your part to make sure that the anti-Semitic opinions of a few do not grow to become the views of the masses.

Twenty or thirty years ago, there was little need to run a mass campaign to prove to the masses that the Holocaust happened and that 6 million people were actually killed. Today, it is absolutely vital. Back then, the average Holocaust survivor was in their 50’s and 60’s. The memories were still fresh. Small groups of anti-Semites rarely went out in the open. The Holocaust did bring a few decades wherein anti-semitism dulled a bit.

New-Old Anti-Semites

Then, the new anti-semitic movement gradually became the calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. But today, their are groups of anti-Semites nearly all over the world. Holocaust deniers abound in Europe. Even in Germany, there are calls to”finish the job.”

It is time to get all of the best proofs of the massive extent of the Holocaust out to the masses – especially to the younger generation.

For those who argue, why should we continue focusing so much on the past, the answer is as follows. The past is here today. The same attitudes – yes, the very same attitudes – exist today that existed back then. Either we quash the totalitarian attitudes of Neo-Nazis and radical Islamists or they will devour us. We need to fight the fight of world opinion and make sure that everyone who stands with Holocaust deniers knows that they have chosen the path of lies and not the path of truth.

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