Famous ex-NBA star talks about converting and connecting with God

by Leah Rosenberg

Amar’e Stoudemire was an NBA star. And now, he is converting to Judaism and reciting blessings. He is praying to God! This is remarkable!

The NBA Star Who Chose Judaism

Stoudemire was known in the NBA (National Basketball Association) world. If you knew the NBA, you knew him. And it is amazing how he has come to Judaism. From wearing a basketball jersey to wearing tziztit!

Listen to the way he talks about God and Judaism. He completely turned his life around.

Judaism and God

The once-upon-a-time NBA star said fascinating things about God. He said, “I feel like Judaism is a situation where it allows you to keep a relationship with Hashem, which is very important.”

That is such a beautiful view to have about Judaism. It is pure and innocent. Judaism creates situations that bring a person closer to God. The laws and commandments help with that. And to view the religion as becoming closer to God is amazing. More people should keep that in mind when performing the mitzvot, the commandments. It makes it more meaningful.

Jewish Connection

Another important thing that Stoudemire addresses is the Jewish people’s connection to each other in Israel. He said that his favorite thing about Israel IS that connection! Because there really is nothing like experiencing the Jewish people in the Jewish homeland.

To be part of the Jewish people is unique. But to be part of the Jewish people IN ISRAEL is something that cannot be explained. You just can’t compare it to anything.

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