The memory of the Holocaust will fade if you stay silent

by Leah Rosenberg

80 years ago, the thought that a mass organized murder of an entire race could happen was unfathomable to nearly everyone in the world.  5 years later, it was clear to everyone in the world that exactly that had just occurred across Europe.  70 years later, while tens of thousands of 80-100+ year old Holocaust survivors serve as living witnesses to the horrors, a lie spreads across the entire world.

Minimizing the Holocaust

70 years is 2-3 generations. But it is not a long enough time to propagate a lie about millions of people.  So, anti-Semites who know that a Holocaust transpired have taken on a new tactic.  They don’t try to convince the world that a Holocaust did not happen.  They simply claim that it wasn’t actually 6 million Jews.  It was probably something like a few hundred thousand.  Or a million or so.  But certainly not 6 million Jews.

First off, what does this accomplish?  The main goal of these people is to prove that the Jews exaggerate, and that they are liars.  No question that in another decade or two, they will argue that it was tens of thousands and not more.

The Facts

It is true that 6 million is only a round figure.  The real number is almost definitely more than 6 million. But that is not the essential point. The key proof of the massive extent of the atrocities lies in Poland, in records that the German killing machine left, and in the thousands of recorded video testimonials from Holocaust survivors and liberators.

Their are hundreds of historical books about the Holocaust. However, there are a few that actually explain in detail how the Germans actually killed 6 million Jews between 1939 and 1945. The best book is probably Martin Gilbert’s, “The Holocaust.” It is a monumental work that explains in detail that thousands of people were killed nearly every day, and tens of thousands were killed – every day – over a few months in the summer of 1942.


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