The “Hitler had a dog” argument is being used against the Right

by Leah Rosenberg

Ben Shapiro and the Right are not Nazis. There are extremists on both ends of the political spectrum. But calling someone like Ben Shapiro a Nazi is absurd.

Ben Shapiro and the Right

Ben Shapiro and the Right are fed up with the labels the Left has given them. And the topic of this video could not be a more perfect example. Comparing someone like Ben Shapiro to a Nazi or to a slaveholder is so illogical that it is almost humorous. Shapiro believes white supremacy is evil, just like the Left believes that. He also does not own slaves. The fact that people on the Right want to have a conversation with the Left and have called for “reason and civility” does not make them like those who mistreated Black people. It does not make them similar to those who had slaves and defended slavery. Making that argument is foolish, ignorant, and completely unintelligent.

Belittling REAL Racism

It needs to be said. What some on the Left have done completely belittles real racism. It minimizes the horrors carried out by the Nazis against Jews and humanity. Comparing Ben Shapiro and others to slaveholders downgrades the horrors of slavery. Do people realize that? Shapiro is a religious Jew! How dare the Left call him a Nazi?

It is getting to the point where irrational arguments are becoming the norm; where illogical statements are believed to be logical. The world is upside-down. Are there enough reasonable people to turn it right-side up again?

Arab Incitement
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