The High Holidays Song that is so Simple, yet so Perfect

by Leah Rosenberg

The High Holidays are a time to connect and reflect. That is, connect to G-d. He is right there, in the field, with each of us individually.

The Goal of the High Holidays

During the High Holidays, we are supposed to reconnect our souls to the One Above. We are supposed to work toward improving our relationship with G-d and with our fellow man. We pray, we do acts of kindness, we repent. And it is hard work. No one said it was easy. But is anything worth it easy? Life is filled with challenges.

So, how can we get the strength to improve and keep trying, even when we fail and fall? We have to remember that G-d is right there with us. G-d wants us to succeed. The founder of the sect of a Hassidic movement known as Chabad teaches us that during the Hebrew month of Elul leading up to the Jewish New Year, G-d is “in the field” – “Hamelech BaSadeh.” He is not far from us, but rather, He is right with us. He is there waiting for us to approach Him.

The singer of this beautiful, simple song, Aryeh Kunstler said, “I wrote this song Elul time last year. And I always said I would finish it, write a second verse, produce it and make a big arrangement for it. Yet every single time I found myself listening to this recording all of 1:40 long (or 100 seconds) and thinking – I cant add anything to this. This song is meant to be this short. This song is meant to be this simple” (The Jewish Link, original source

And boy, does this song hit the point home.


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