Woke Official is Paralyzed When Asked by Senator to Define “Birthing Person”

by Phil Schneider

There are people in the highest levels of power of the United States who refuse to say the word Mom and Dad. That is because there is no longer a man or a woman – because now there is free choice to decide whether a person wants to be a man or a woman. This radical pro-transgender mindset is no longer just a wacky idea espoused by a small number of crazy professors – it is in power and running the United States today.

Instead of accepting that the past should be our guide for the future, radical woke ideas generally speaking toss our entire past down the drain and create an entirely new fake reality that claims aims to change the most basic building block of civilization – the family. This is much more serious than people realize. It can indeed be a toxic idea that brings Western countries to their knees. After all, if there is no right and wrong, and there are no men and women, and all morals are relative, then nobody can claim that anybody does anything right or anything wrong.

This anti-religious idea is as illiberal as can be. After all, if all we do is make sure to not step on anybody else’s feelings, then why is it OK to change the name of a mother to a birthing person? It goes back to the story of Creation. G-d created a man and a women. He didn’t create a being and ask them what gender they would like to choose to be. If today’s leadership is not an aberration, but the new norm, then America is driving itself off a cliff.

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